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Jane McDonald!


Went to see Jane McDonald in Nottingham last night, and she was AMAZING! Absolutely Amazing!
 So, Just thought I'd try to promote this new Jane McDonald forum for fans of hers :)


Join Away!! It's Free ...

Jayne & Chris Comp!

  Here It Is :   

Torvill & Dean - The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep


Torvill and Dean Compilation ...

Hey All :)

The poll has now ended and the winner is ...

                   The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep.

Compliation will be posted in a few days... Keep Looking :)
Poll ends Friday 30th Jan at 5pm!!
Poll #1339114 Which Compilation Song?

Which Song To Use For Torvill & Dean Compilation?

Weight of The World - Lemar
Time To Grow - Lemar
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - PCD
Yesterday - Leona Lewis
The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep
Have You Ever - S Club 7
6 Months, 8 Days, 12 Hours - Brian McKnight
How to Save a Life - The Fray
Infinity - Guru Josh Project
Wow - Kylie Minogue
YMCA - Village People


 It's my Dad's birthday todayy!
   The grand old age of 47 :P

I didnt even get up 'til like half one, and went into his room and was like Happy burfdee!
 My dad Loves Slyvester Stallone like I Love Meryl & TnD, so that's a lot, so I bought him a signed Sly Stallone pic, socks, and aftershave. My mum bought him all the rambo's.. the whole collection on dvd and the rest of the family gave him money and stuffage :)
 We've just been out to buy him a cake, well, we were gonna make him one, me and mum that is, but many people kow my track record of cakes. (if not, it was that i didnt have enough ingredients to make the cake, so i used what we had, put it in oven for 40 mins and it came out green :|:P)
  So we went to Le Magasin to buy him one, He's at his mum and dads atm, so we'll give it to him when he's back.

I was meant to be skating today. I was supposed to have my 45 min lesson with Hayley today, but as its my dads bday i said i wasnt gonna go. She was like " oh its only his bday" I was like  =0
 I Love having my lessons but they're wayy too early :( I have to be up at half 5am every saturday then im skating from about 8am - 2pm, then sometimes i go again on a sunday from about 10-2
then im there again every tuesday after school from 5-8.. Takes a lot of commitment and energy, so I best be off doing my Homework... If not, I'll be behind :( and Im soo hungry, dad best hurry up and get back.. His daughter neeeeeeds food!



Why, everytime i come back from somewhere, i think about the future!!
   I've just got back from Emma's and we had a good night :) Playing on the trampoline.. was meant to go on a run now, but my ipod STILL hasn't arrived yet, so I'm here posting this crap.
  On the way home, I walked back with Shaun K, and everything went quiet, and somehow we started talking about the future! I swear I'm gonna be a loner for the rest of my life You know!
  I don't know why, but ther's this lad who likes me, called Dan. I kinda like him but I'm scared of commitment, well, not scared exactly, just, ermm, how to put it .. Ok i can't find a word, but i always feel better around a group of people, even lads, group of lads or Girls, i dont mind, ts when i'm alone with someone (lad) i get really freaked out and don't know what to say - I try to be someone im not.

Loads of people can't accept that I like different things to them. Most, actually, all of my friends at school and some outide, don't understand my liking of Meryl/TnD and i just don't get it!
They like there things, so why cant I like mine?
 My friends like Judo, playing Computer games, and just being stupid, whereas I do love to be random and be a but silly sometimes, but when i talk about Meryl/TnD or listen to my music, they're always liike " switch it off" and it does my head in. That's why I like doing exercise because it gives me time to clear my head and think things through. Sometimes i just need a good cry!!
  Arrghh, I just dont understand why they don't get it! I've tried explaining that I like my things and they like there's and if everyone liked the same thing, the world would be borriing, but they still don't get it :(
I'm making out like my friends are the worst in the world, but they're not. It's jsut when they question everything that I like, like why, how what? It drives me Nuts!
 Sometimes they get really interested by my ice skating and dancing, but most of the time they just roll their eyes, which i can deal with, uts just asking why that's annoying. Its like why have u got blue eyes? Because I have. Why do You like Meryl Streep and Torvill & Dean, erm Because I do. I Love what they do, and how they do it. It just gets me soo annoyed!

Rant Over!    I think!

Until Next Time!


Compilations ....

I LOVE doing theeese :)
They make me smilee !

I have done lots of Torvill & Dean ones.. and to fair, lots of Meryl Streep ones too!
I love doing both :)

So I'll post 1 TnD one, and 1 Meryl Streep One :)

(for now...)

1.  Meryl Streep!!: 

2. Torvill & Dean!!:


Please Leave comments on the youtube page :0
Much apprectiated :D



Why are things so bloody expensive?!?!
  Right, to explain: 
                                    I had a 4GB silver ipod nano 3rd generation and I got it as a Birthday prezzie of my aunties, yes, all three of them, it cost £90, so they shared the cost :)    I had it from June this year, 'til about late october this year. So not really that long, then the problem started. I took it to dancing one day and i walked in with it in my ears, then took it out and wrapped it up and put it in my bag! Well, I least I could swear I did! Throughout the night I didnt notice that it'd gone. I only realised when I got home, I went to put some music on in bed, and it'd gone!!!
I went back the club where the dance class was and everyone was really helpful and kind and helped look for it.. But not luck :(
   I kept going back to the club everyday to see if someone had found it or handed it .. but still no luck!
I'd left it a week and a half, and still no luck! I needed it! I seem to Bum my music so much :) and I needed it to listen to on the coach going to Brum to see Lauraa :) but my phone is a walkman like, so I could have used that, but its not the same, and plus, it runs out of battery reallly quickly, anyway, I took that chance and used my phone and it lasted all the way there playing music non stop and it lasted all day, although i couldnt watch Meryl or TnD :(
   Got back from Laura's on saturday just gone (1st Nov) and decided I'd buy a new ipod off ebay!
I found one i really liked so bidded on it, then someone outbid me.. so I waited until one min until the end time and then bidded pretty high.. but some cheeky b*****d beat me to it!!  and this happened to me about 4/5 times on that same night .. so i decided to give up and try again the next day.
So tomorrow, about 5 oclock, i decided to bid on another ipod, same thing happened again.. then again.. THEN AGAIN.. until it kinda happened again, until i outbid the person :P
 It started at 99p which was a TOTAL bargain, seen as it works fine, :) .. then eventually it rose to about £50.. £50 which i didnt have!! I needed to save money for My precious Dancing On Ice tour tickets :), but i needed this ipod.. I was bidding on a 8GB silver 3gen one .. so 4GB bigger than my last one which cost £90.. By the end of the bidding.. i was the winning bidder (finally) with it costing me £66.90!!
  When u think about it, It's cheap for the size and things, but its £66.90 I still dont have :( so I had to get it on Mums card.. I gave her £30.. and told her was it for £50 so she'd pay £20 and she said that was fine :).. but shh I havent told her the real price, as its gone into her overdraft! Yes, i know its wrong! and people will say i dont NEED it, but you dont understand. No really, you dont!
Anyways, she got paid and all stuff is sorted with the bank so she hasnt noticed :) Phew!
   But why the hell are things so freakkiing expensive, even the things you think arent.. they actually are! Anyway Im happy now that my ipod is on its way and shall be in my music bumming ears :D:D

Bring on DOI 09 <3

Film Stars of our time :)


Poll #1289479 Best Film Stars Of Our Time?

Best Actress of Our Time?

Meryl Streep
Helen Mirren
Judi Dench
Angelina Jolie
Julie Walters

Best Actor of Our Time?

Pierce Brosnan
Alan Rickman
Richard Gere
Clint Eastwood
Colin Firth

National TV Awards!

 This was a great day for me, as I met Jayne Torvill and Karen Barber for the 3RD time!!
          I bet most of you watched it on ITV1 on wednesday 29th Oct? Well, I was there with a good friend, Laura :)
We were sat three rows from the back, which yes, is quite far away from the stage, but once we were in our seats we thought it pretty close to be honest,  we had an amazing view of the stage and all the celebs beneath us :)
 We Love Jayne T and Chris D <3 So we were hoping that they would be there to support Dancing On Ice who were nominated for "Best Talent show".  We had been sitting there for about 20 mins and 3 catogories had been read out! That means three awards given out and no sign of Jayne or Chris. We started to worry, thinking they werent there this year!
 Then, It all changed, when a close up of Jayne, Karen, Phil and Holly was shown on the screen.
We both screamed soo loud, it was deafening!
 During the breaks we screamed " We love You Jayne Torvill"
We didn't think she heard so we kept shouting louder each time, until she turned around and looked up in our direction and kind of waved at us! Either waved or just flung her arm in our direction :P
  The rest of the awards were being given out, but as the lines re-opened for "best talent show" I got my phone at the ready! I votyed 3 times, as it cost a bomb to vote! :roll:
  Near the end of the night, Sir Trev, announced that "best talent show" catagory is going to be announced now! Me & Laura sat nervously on our seats awaiting the results!
 He introduced the person who would present the award a "the most photographed woman in Hollywood" so we were praying it was Meryl, but sadly.. Paris Hilton!
Still pretty good though :)
She took FOREVER! to announce the result.... all we could do now was Pray, Hope and wait!
  She opened the envelope, and said " and the winner, of best talent show is.."
We sat there with our fingers and toes crossed .. and then heard .." Strictly Come Dancing"
Everyone was just like WTF?!?!?
We were TRÉS happy that X factor didn't win and that at least DOI lost out to a good show (although i do watch X factor, so Im not slating it, but it wins every year)!!
We were very gutted that DOI didn't win though - we had a feeling it would. Obv not :P

   As sooon as the best serial drama was annouced and eastenders won it - me and laura ran as fast as we could to the door, so we could get onto the red carpet :)
 I took off my KILLER heels and ran as fast as I could down 4 flights of stairs to the bottom :)
we ran to the red carpet, sadly there were already loads of people at thefront right by the red carpet :(, so we tried to find a place which we did but it was behind everyone!
Some people eventually got bored and cold and decided to leave so we raced to the front of the barrier and waited for the celebs to come out!

  By the end of the night, I'd met, Justin Lee Collins, Paris Hilton, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole,  Laurie Brett, Hlly Willoughby, Dermot O'leary, Fearne Cotton,  Charlie Clements, Carly Stenson, Ricky Whittle, Chris Fountain, Cast From Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, HollyOaks.
But the best part of the night was the after-party.

We waited from about 10pm - 11.30/12.00am for more celebs to come out, that's where I saw Anton Du Beke, Alesha Dixon, The Saturdays and Loads more.. but about half 11, the people who we wanted to see came out!

Out came Karen Barber, so we roared "Kareeeen" at her and she looked around,  realised it was us and came over :)  I asked for a picture with her, so she kindly accepted :)
We asked if we could talk to Jayne too (Jayne Torvill) so she shouted Jayne and she came over to us too :)
I got a picture wih her aswell :)... although Jayne was Drunk, she looked amazing! As per :)

We told Jayne that we were doing "Make Me a star" and she said " oh Good Luck Girls"
Jayne Torvill, Olympic Champion, said Good Luck to me! I was so overwhelmed!

We ended up leaving London about 12.15am nd got Back to Lauras in Worcester at 3.00am!!!!
We were so tired and cold, as it was 1 degree outside! As soon as we got into the bedroom and our heads hit the pillows we fell straight asleep, and we got up at like half 9 the next morning!

Totally worth standing out side the Royal Albert Hall at midnight in the freeeezing cold in Killer heels, just to speak to karen and Jayne again!

We are so lucky to have had that chance, as I know there are so Many Torvill(and Dean) and Karen fans out there! They even know us now! Properly :)

So Grateful .. Was an amazing Night!
I Love You Laura, Jayne & Karen <3